Tribute to local surfer, pioneer, and shaper, Jeff Surgener.

I remember when I first meet Jeff. It was 10-11 years ago and I had just gotten really into surfing. That winter was a good winter in Florida bringing lots of groundswells. Early in the mornings at Boynton Beach I would see Jeff pull up, bundled up with his coffee, scoping out what the surf was doing and we met. I was a grom and he saw me around, riding dinky hand me downs, so he gave me his contact info and invited me to his shop. After small talk and giving me pointers and lessons on equipment- he eventually offered to shape me, what happened to be one of the most incredible boards I have ever owned. It was a dream board. That kind of board that you compare every other board after, looking for the same specs in other boards your to buy. Except Jeff shaped with his heart. It was more then just trying to make a buck. He truly cared about the younger generation. This is how I will always remember Jeff. (Picture on right: Me, 18 yrs. old with my J.Surge)
May God bless his family.

Rob Carbonell

(Picture above: Jeff in his shop)


To all of Jeff’s friends,

We just received the very sad news that Jeff Surgener passed on this afternoon. He had been fighting cancer this past year and we are all saddened by his passing. Jeff was a surfing pioneer and founder of Rhino Tuff surfboards, shaping some of the best local boards for a group of close-knit friends. He was especially motivated to help the groms get started on the right equipment. “Artist” certainly describes Jeff Surgener. He excelled in both ink and color paintings on a variety of surfaces. Surg won quite a few surfing contests, even up until a couple years ago, and was one of the best surfing judges in Palm Beach County. He was also a volunteer contributor to the Eastern Surfing Association, the Palm Beach County Chapter of Surfrider Foundation and the Palm Beach County Surfing History Project; with his time, remarkable artwork, his surfing memorabilia and historic boards. Jeff was more of an individual than most of us, a solid friend and a true trailblazer.
We know he is safely in Gods hands.

Tom Warnke

Author: Rob

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